Body, Mind and Spirit; a Healthy Way of Life

Health is undoubtedly not just about physical well-being but also encompasses the mind and spirit. In this informative and entertaining blog, readers will discover useful tips and advice to balance the body, mind and soul. These can be incorporated into a daily routine to positively impact health and relationships. Exciting articles will cover nutrition, including healthy eating, the importance of sleep, exercise, meditation and spirituality. Learn why being outside is so important, how to cut out stress, quit smoking, stay hydrated and build better relationships with family and your loved ones.

Meditate Your Troubles Away!

12 Jun 2021

Meditation has many benefits for your health. While it relaxes the body and lowers heart rate, it also gives more energy, improves concentration, and boosts your memory. You can meditate whenever you have a couple of spare minutes, and with daily meditation, you will notice improvements in your health.

Eating Right Makes living Right

6 May 2021

A nutritious, versatile diet is a big part of healthy and vibrant life. No special diet programs are necessary, as everybody can follow the basic plate system. Fill half of your food plate with vegetables, one fourth with preferably whole fiber starches and one fourth with lean proteins. Easy and nutritious!

Get Enough Sleep: Dream Yourself Healthy!

29 Mar 2021

Sleep is vital for everybody’s overall health as it reduces stress and anxiety and boosts energy levels and productivity. While it is essential to have enough sleep, the quality of it is also vital. Remove distractions from the bedroom and exercise daily for better sleep and better health.